Pricing & Purchasing

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Pricing Guidelines

Weanlings start at $6,500
Yearlings start at $8,000
Two year olds start at $10,000
Three year olds unbroke start at $12,000
Going three year olds start at $14,000
Four year olds with some show experience start at $18,000

If a mare is marked as "Broodmare" she is in foal.
If a mare is just marked as "Mare" she has not been bred.

Stallion prospects are priced accordingly.
Broodmares are priced based on bloodlines and age.
Performance horses are priced based on their quality and show records.
Very fancy moving hunter prospects and dressage horses are priced accordingly.
X breds are generally priced lower.

This is only a basic outline, please inquire for exact prices on specific horses.
Prices quoted are valid for 30 days.

Purchasing a horse

Once you have successfully negotiated the price on the horse you are purchasing, you will be required to make a down payment of 10% . This is a good will gesture by both parties. Taxes are to be paid where applicable (ex. Canadian residence have to pay 7% GST on every purchase.

The seller will hold the horse for you for 10 days and not show it to any other prospective buyers, so that you the purchaser can complete the vetting, financing, insurance, export papers, trailering arrangement etc. The purchaser agrees however, to follow through with the purchase of the horse, if the pre purchase exam is positive. If the purchaser does not follow through with the purchase of the horse within the 10 days, or changes his/her mind he/she will forfeit the down payment and the horse can be offered for sale again.

If the purchaser does not choose to put a down payment on the horse they are interested in, the seller has no obligation to hold the horse and is free to show and or sell the horse to other prospective buyers.

It is also very important that you understand that if you would like the horse of your choice vetted, the vetting of that horse, choosing a veterinarian, or making arrangements to have x-rays shipped to your own veterinarian is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

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