Get the training and experience needed for your future.

The barn is very active with a big riding school program, as well as boarding, sales, the training of young horses, and preparation and presentation of the sales horses.

We also run a large breeding operation that involves stallion handling, foaling, handling of the youngsters, broodmare management and farm and pasture management. Also, our students show our horses in all disciplines: dressage, hunter, jumper and eventing. The working student program is run in a relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere, with strong emphasis on basic horsemanship, classical riding, breed management, teamwork, leadership and organizational skills. The students are exposed to every aspect of running a farm.

This is not a hotel or a leisure riding holiday. This is hard work on a real down to earth working horse farm.

At this hour students and staff feed, give water, hay and sweep. Where necessary, the students medicate, give supplements, remove bandages and hand walk horses. Some students will start working their horses at this time.

At 9 am breakfast is served and the daily planning and discussions take place. At 9:30am the riding lessons start. All students that are not riding help with the turnout, teasing, breeding and tack cleaning. Students who are not in lessons ride the horses that are assigned to them. Students will also be involved in setting up advertisements for horses, make appointments with clients and riding students, as well as keeping health records. Students will assist in course designing, setting up jumper courses, choreographing vaulting programs and also in designing kurs and selecting the music.




At 12 noon is lunch or picnic if at the secondary farm.

From 1pm to 4pm all students work independently with their assigned horses, work with young horses and assist with free jumping. In the summer months the students will also help occasionally with the haying, general farm maintenance, fixing fences and upkeep of farm machinery. We will teach you how to drive a tractor, charge a battery, build jumps and paint jumps, weld broken stall bars, oil a manure spreader, harrow a ring, learn to read and recognize European pedigrees. The students will also be involved in massage therapy sessions as well nutrition information.

When going to a show the students will be responsible that the truck and trailer are clean. It is also the students responsibility to make sure that all their tack and equipment is packed. The senior students will take charge in the organizing of travel.

At 4pm the students help bring in the horses. In the winter months this is for feeding and overnight stay. In the summer months the horses are fed and let out again for the night. We finish up in the barn and during the breeding season, cover the scheduled mares for that day.

At 6pm dinner is served. Afterwards, the students will rotate with the kitchen duties and have the rest of the night off.


Occasionally students wanting to go for their coaching levels will be asked to teach a riding lesson. Also students wanting to show may get some individual help at this time.

When at a show, the students are expected to be well groomed, properly clothed, friendly, helpful and pleasant to every one. It will be the students responsibility that their horses are immaculately turned out and will be reminded that they are representing the farm.

The students have one day a week off. Students must be available to rotate with the foal watch. All students will be assisting the blacksmith when he is shoeing. The students will also assist the veterinarian at any given time with regular maintenance and also with suturing or gelding of young colts. The students are expected to be self-motivated, courteous and respectful of their peers and clients and also be dedicated to working with horses.

The students will have free room, board and lessons. The rooms are single or double, small but cozy, with shared bathrooms. The students pay their own way to get here, all students must have adequate health insurance.

There is no salary but all their expenses while at the farm, including entry fees for shows will be paid by the farm. They will only have to bring their own spending money.

The students will get a well-rounded education in horsemanship, training, riding, management of a riding stable and breeding of Warmbloods. This can be the experience of a life time. We strive to fulfill your dreams, give you insight into the business, provide you with all the tools you need, give you show experience and hope you will have a wonderful time, make new friends, travel and be an asset to any prospective employer where ever you go.


May there never develop in me the notion that my education is complete, instead give me the strength and the insight to continuously enlarge my knowledge.

We would like at least a 6 month commitment from our working students.

Inquires from prospective employees, wanting to hire a working student that went through our program as: riders, trainers, barn managers, foaling attendants, show grooms, stallion handlers and riding instructors are very welcome.