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Uli Frei


Evelyn Frei

Born in Switzerland in 1949, Ulrich decided very early that he wanted to have horses in his life. From 1965 to 1969 he earned his SVBR diploma under the guidance of Mrs. Marie Weier, former Olympic medal winner in dressage, and Mr. Paul Weier, former Olympic jumping team member and also Chef d'equipe of the Swiss jumping team. The SVBR educational program consists of four years of intensive training in dressage, jumping, eventing, driving, grooming, stallion handling, breeding, foal raising and sales of horses. After receiving his diploma, Ulrich went to work with George Schornstein who was a student of Richard L.Waejen and Colonel Alois Podajsky. Ulrich has himself shown and also trained horses and riders up to Grand Prix level. Now retired from showing, he has dedicated his life to passing on to his students his love and understanding of classical riding and his considerable skill in this discipline. In addition to teaching, Ulrich also trains horses and conducts clinics in North America.


Born in 1953 in the Philippines to a Swiss family that raised polo ponies, Evelyn developed a passion for 3 day eventing. She became fascinated with genetics and European Warmblood bloodlines. Over the years has become a specialist in warmblood pedigrees. In 1991 Evelyn upgraded her equine reproduction knowledge at Cornell University. She serves as farm manager, foaling attendant, marketing manager and breeding consultant.


Sven Frei


Miro Frei


Born in 1977 in Switzerland into a horse driven family, Sven developed a passion for jumping. Sven has been coached by his father and was encouraged in 1994 and again in 1996 to go to Switzerland where he studied with Paul Weier, former chef d'equipe of the Swiss jumping team, now best known for international course design. In 1997 Sven was a working student with Lisa Jacquin in the USA and in 1998 he worked with Jay Hays, a member of the Canadian jumping team. In 1999 he showed and promoted the stallion Champ’s Choice in Florida on the winter circuit. In 2004 Sven rode for Emil Spadone in NJ. In 2005 Sven and the stallion Quebec finished a very impressive winter season in Florida. He won the $10’000 high amateur classic at HITS in Ocala, he was also 6th in the Friday $10’000 grand prix and he was 4th in the $25’000 high amateur classic. In Tampa Quebec was second in the $10’000 high amateur Sunday classic.


Born in 1979 in Canada, Miro followed very early in his brother’s footsteps, having developed the same passion for show jumping. He was coached by his father in dressage and jumping. He traveled to Switzerland in 1996 to learn from and ride with Joerg Friedly, a member of the Swiss jumping team. There he attended international shows in Germany, France and Belgium. In 1999 he became a working student with Jay Hays, a member of the Canadian jumping team. With Mr. Hays he traveled to Indio, California, USA for the winter jumping season. In 2005 Miro started riding with one of the best American hunter rider and trainer, Don Stewart in Florida. Miro is a strong supporter of the family farm and is promoting our home bred horses.


Carlo Frei


Heidi Frei


Born in 1982 in Canada, Carlo developed a love for dressage. Carlo was also coached by his father and has participated in clinics with Lee Tubman. He applied in Europe for further training and in 1999 he was accepted by Barbara Von Graebel of Switzerland, one of the top dressage riders in the sport today. After his return he developed some superb young horses and managed the broodmare farm in Strathroy. In 2005 Carlo Frei was invited by Swiss Olympic rider Christian Pläge to train with him, Carlo showed under his tutelage dressage horses in Europe. Carlo is a very gifted dressage rider and hard worker, he has successfully promoted dressage horses for the farm.


Born in 1985 in Canada, Heidi has inherited the same love for horses as the rest of her family. She has developed an interest in bloodlines and pedigrees from her mother. Coached by her father, Heidi has become an accomplished and enthusiastic rider. She enjoys jumping, but is focusing more on classical dressage right now. Heidi competed in 2001 & 2002 with our stallion Amateur in dressage, Medium 3 &4 and was grand champion each year. In 2003 she went to Switzerland for 6 months, where she rode with Hans Schibli, and she successfully achieved her “Brevet” with a very impressive score of 6 out of 6. In 2004 and 2005 Heidi has managed the riding stable in Arva and has proven to be a superb organizer.



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