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Just my thoughts!

It scares me to think that we are regressing to the stone ages, what we do not understand we kill or simply get rid of. There have been some bear attacks; does that mean we have the right to kill all bears in Ontario? Some people have also been attack by cougars, are we going to kill them too? What about cars? Thousands of people get hurt or even killed every year on the Ontario roadways! Will our government disallow driving in Ontario, or should we make an effort to educate drivers? What about our water ways and back yard pools? There are several fatalities every year in Ontario, will our government disallow all water sports and swimming pools in Ontario, or should we teach water safety? Where will it stop and does our government have the right to treat Ontarians like bumbling idiots, incapable of making an educated decision? I agree that there are some bad dogs in every breed, and they should be dealt with accordingly, on the other hand there are also bad people in every race. Should we try to educate and help them become useful members of society or should we just simply get rid of them? It scares me to see how much power the government has, and how little say Ontarians have, this is dangerous, and should truly put fear into every Ontarian.
Proposed Pit Bull Ban in Ontario

MADNESS I SAY MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since 1983, 23 people have died across this country as a result of dog attacks, 23 people over 21 years. 55 dogs were involved in those attacks.

Only one – only one of those 55 dogs would be banned under Ontario Attorney-General Michael Bryant’s proposed so-called “pit bull” legislation – one dog in the last 21 years.

I’m convinced that breed-specific legislation, specific breed band do not work and this proposal according to prominent Canadian defence lawyer Clayton Ruby could well be challenged in a court of law because it doesn’t clearly define a pit bull. Says Rudy, “The legislation has got to have enough certainty so that you as a citizen have a right to understand its meaning”. He said “It’s limited to one breed, two breeds, and other dogs that are similar – whatever the hell that means.”

This isn’t an animal rights issue – it’s a common sense issue. Specific breed bans don’t work. Breeders, trainers, veterinarians, kennel clubs, animal behaviourists will tell you that – they never have, never will.

This is Rick Smith and That’s One Man’s Opinion
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