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Our Pups:
Our pups sell for US$1500 to US$2000, when you decide that you would like one of our pups, we require a US$500 nonrefundable deposit; the balance is due 2 weeks before we ship your pup to you (when your pup is 6 weeks old). All our pups are sold as family pets. If you would like us to take care of the shipping arrangements within the USA please add US$300 to your final payment. All our pups are sent home with a puppy pack to get you started.

Color and Sex:
We will do our best to provide you with the color, sex and temperament of pup you would like, but you will have to understand that color and sex is out of our hands and you may have to compromise a little or wait for another litter, your deposit will be credited to the pup or litter of your choice. We can assess the temperament, but environment plays a big roll in that as well.

All the pups have a Veterinary certificate of health; when they leave here. All our breeding females as well as males are in very good health and free of any diseases. If for any reason your pup develops a health problem later on in life we will certainly give you a discount on a new pup. If your pup has a existing problem that was not recognized by us or the veterinarian before the pup was sent to you, we will replace the pup at no additional charge.

Refund Policy:
We do not offer any refunds on deposits or pup that were paid in full, but we will honor your deposit or full payment till you are ready to commit to a pup or we have what you are looking for.

If for any reason your situation changes and you can no longer keep your pup, we will certainly do every thing in our power to assist you in re-homing your pup.

We will always be available for advice and assistance if you have any questions with the rearing of your pup.

Common sense approach:
All our pups have been screened by a licensed veterinarian and are free of any diseases, they have been de-wormed several times and the pups have been treated with advantage for fleas before we send them to you. Never the less the pups are raised in a healthy environment where they are able to go outdoors and play in the grass. Puppies are like little kids, very inquisitive and playful and can pick up fleas and intestinal parasites in their outings, this is normal! To avoid any complications, keep your new puppies vaccinated and treated regularly for fleas and intestinal parasites. Talk to your veterinarian.

It is very important that your puppy is socialized properly, take the time, take your pup to the park to meet other dogs, puppy classes and obedience school is also a good idea, you want you puppy to be well adjusted and a loved member of your family.

Health Concerns:
Staffys, like most bull breeds can develop demodex mange, if you notice that your pup has some hair loss around the eyes or chest, consult your veterinarian, pups that are experiencing some stress in their life are more likely to develop the condition, do not wait, there are excellent treatments for the condition and most pups outgrow the condition at a year of age.

Cataracts and hip dysphasia are also known to accrue in Staffys but it is very rare.

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