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Hi Eveyln, I just picked up david. He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!.... Wow!! He is more than I could have ever expected. Thanks sooo much. I will keep you updated on his progress. I have no doubt he will do great. Thanks again
Brian Keenan
Thanks for your hard work in getting the puppy to us this week. He arrived right on time in Birmingham and my daughter went with me to the airport to pick him up. He was in great shape and did not even seem rattled from his flight. We got him home just as our family was arriving to celebrate my daughter's eighth birthday. He was quite a hit with the crowd. Both he and the 8 year old are now asleep and my wife and I are close behind them. Thanks again, and I'm sure we will talk again soon, Patrick
Just an update, Bully is doing great we love him to pieces, it is rare to find some one as honest as you were with us, we also appreciate all the help and advice you have given us, we will certainly recommend you to any one that ask us.
Thank you again Lisa & Bob
I canít thank you enough for picking Rant for me; she is such an awesome dog. I canít even express how much that dog means to me. She is so amazing, she charms EVERYONE she meets and I mean everyone. She is such a good dog. I just wanted you to know that. And if any puppy buyers ever want a reference from a happy puppy buyer you can more than happily send them to me for a great reference,
Amy Gunter
Dear Coalminers,
Hello there,
How is everything? Things are great here. Grindel is getting very big she wieghs 28lbs and she is such a joy to have she follows me everywhere I go I just love her so much I thank you so much for her.
Polly Floyd
Hi Evelyn - Patti and Vincent again. We are enjoying the new puppy!
I'm so happy MRS. evelyn ,thank you very much ,I've been waiting for a pup like her for a few years now,great temperment,bloodline is what i was looking for and everything,me and my family is happy
Just wanted to thank you for the pup; put your mind at ease and let you know he is doing fine. He went to the vet today and had a clean check-up; he was a bit car sick for the first half of the trip but settled in and slept the remainder of the ride. He had a great time out in the back yard today as we puppy proofed the yard and the house. I will take pictures and update you, thanks again. David
Dear Evelyn,
We just want to update you on our new addition to our family Pied boy(NOW NAMED "COOPER"). He did great on his flight to Wisconsin. He did not care for the snow at first, but now he loves it. The snow has since melted, but at least he knows what he is in for for next winter. He is doing great at puppy school, loves his crate at night and is almost totally pottytrained. Still working on mouthing /biting and to drop.
Thank you
Muellers from Wisconsin
Hi Evelyn,
I just wanted to give you an update on Legend. He is doing very well. He is such a sweet dog - although my Dalmatian would say differently. I had him at the vet 3 weeks ago, and the vet said he was very healthy. He weighted just under 10lbs at that time.
Take care,
I just wanted to thank you for our new puppy. We absolutely love her. We named her Zoey and I attached some recent pictures of her so you could see her progress!
Kelly and Freddy
Good Morning Evelyn,
This is Krystl Williamson in Vernal, Utah.
We are really enjoying her and are cosidering buying another. We calll her "Little Girl". She is the pride and joy of our home
A little note here to let you know we received the puppy okay. He is the most precious thing ever! We love him. We were going to call you when we got home but it was after 8:00 p.m. our time and I thought it would be too late to call you. We will give you a call tomorrow evening.
Thanks again. He is adorable!
He is wonderful... We are all having soooo much fun with him. Thanks soooo much/ Pat and Susan
he's here, and I'm very pleased. He's already catching on to the housebreaking thing. (at least as far as OUR house is concerned) he peed at the vet's (routine shots) it was funny
Hello Evelyn
We just got back from the airport and I listened to your message.Thanks but there was no problems,our puppy arrived on time just like the flight schedule said.What a great little dog ,I can tell,you take very good care of your pets,he is healthy ,happy ,and what a personality.From the pictures you sent,he looked solid white,but we love the spots.As soon as we got home one of my boys was running in the park across the street and this little guy took of running and playing and they didn't stop for at least 10 min.what fun they are all going to have.I will be talking to you soon and thanks for sending us such a great little dog.
Hi Evelyn,
My little girl is just perfect, everything you said and more, much more, thank you for making my dream come true and making this purchase such a pleasant experience

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