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To those of you who are starting out in the Show World, don't let it become all consuming. Enjoy your dogs and your triumphs, you will always take home the best dog. Start with good base stock and study the pedigrees hard, gaining as much information as you can. Some will tell you that only the first couple of generations matter and the rest is just a matter of percentages, don't be fooled, the more you know about the breeding behind your stock the more you are likely to be able to avoid the pitfalls. But if you make a mistake, realize it and learn from it.

Some excellent advice from breeders of champion dogs Donna & Richard Hopkinson
To those of you who want to start breeding, please, please do your home work, study the pedigrees. There is a big responsibility in being a reputable breeder, learn about your bloodlines, be aware of the temperament, be very critical, any dog with even the sliest fault should not reproduce. There are many very special pets out there, but only a few, the most outstanding individuals should be breeding stock.
Congratulation to Carol Patterson from Edelhaus Kennel on her brilliant performance and winning with her dog Coalminer's Erwin (Sir Austin X Ulla).
Another victory for Carilla Logan and Rivendell's Sir Austin.
Congratulation on another win for Carilla Logen and Coalminer's Snow White Lady.
Congratulation to Cirilla Logan on her brilliant presentation of Rivendell’s Moby Dick, after 3 weekends of showing he earned his Championship title.
Congratulations to the new champion CH Bigtime Sammy Da Bull, Sammy was bred by Coalminer’s Kennel (CH Rivendell’s King Cole X Coalminer’s Snow White Lady) we are very proud of Sammy’s accomplishments.
CH Bigtime Sammy Da Bull, bred by Coalminer’s Kennel (CH Rivendell’s King Cole X Coalminer’s Snow White Lady). This was a quality Pied in superb condition on his toes, throughout a cracking head shape correct length of muzzle nice large teeth, has dark eyes with neat ears, all going into a well balanced body with ample bend of stifle, moved and handled well.
Congratulation to Tatyana Pimlico from Colorado on her win with her Coalminer's dog Cesar by (Rivendell's Sir Austin X Coulsclass Northern Light)
Congratulation to Cirilla Logan on the excellent handling of Coalminer’s Red Ruby of Rivendell’s by (Rivendell's Sir Austin X Geppeto’s First Lady Mitzi)

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