StallionColor:BayBreed:Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Birthdate:4/9/2015Height:16.2 hhLife Nr:DE451516018315 CHIP 956000009013175

Odysseus W
Dutch Warmblood
Iris WJulio Mariner XX
Fanja B
American Warmblood
ReginaRio Grande

OLYMPUS is a very handsome colt.

He is a full brother to OLYMPIA.

He scored a cool 7.4 all around at the "Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International" (RPSI) inspection, earning him Silver Premium.

His sire ODYSSEUS W is an outstanding stallion with an impressive competition record. He has successfully shown in many Grand Prix classes.
ODYSSEUS W’s sire HOLLAND who himself competed at top International level with Irishman Eddie Macken. ODYSSEUS W’s grand sire CONCORDE, (later known as OLYMPIC CONCORDE) won the 1990 National Stallion Competition among many International wins for Jos Lansink. CONCORDE was also the youngest stallion ever to be awarded "preferent" due to his endless list of National and International offspring. CONCORDE comes from very strong jumping lines on both sides. His sire is the impressive dominant breeding stallion VOLTAIRE, who via his sire FURIOSO II and the great GOTTHARD is bred to perform. VOLTAIRE was number 2 in the World Breeding Rankings for Showjumping sires in 1996. Through the performance of his offspring, VOLTAIRE stands very high in both the dressage and jumping indices. Due to his high ranking position, he was given the quot;keur' and quot;preferent' predicates at a very early age. He has sired a great number of International stars including Dutch team horse FINESSE, Beth Underhill's ALTAIR, Ian Miller's Olympic mount PLAY IT AGAIN, HELIOS, ELECTRO 778, KANNAN, VECHTA, VIVALDI. FURIOSO II produced 200 state premium mares and at least 70 approved stallions. One can easily say that FURIOSO II has influenced the breeding industry worldwide. The full brother of FURIOSO II is the French stallion MEXICO, whose son LE MEXICO is a familiar name in Dutch breeding and frequently appears in the pedigrees of successful showjumpers. GOTTHARD, now more than fifteen years after his death, is a legend in German sport horse breeding and his name is simply a synonym for the Hannoverian showjumper. Who has not heard of GOLDIKA, GOYA, QUEENSWAY and GENIUS? GOTTHARD's strength is continued in his sons and grandsons but also indirectly on the dam side of for instance GRUNDSTEIN and GRANNUS.CONCORDE’S dam, FLYER, is by the legendary MARCO POLO, one of the most influential Dutch stallions in breeding and jumping having produced such athletes as IRCO POLO, PYBALIA, MARIUS, ORPHEUS, MR. LA, PIERROT and RECRUUT. FLYER is related to the International jumper VIVALDI, which under Melanie Smith was speed horse of the year 1980. FLYER has produced 6 International jumpers.

His dam GRITTIBENZ is a solid well-proportioned mare. Her sire GIGOLO is a master at his craft. Stemming out of the stables of Paul Schockemöhle, GIGOLO had a brilliant career as an international show jumper with numerous winnings at Grand Prix in Europe and North America. GIGOLO was also ridden by Lisa Jacquin USA at the World Cup. His sire, GEPARD, is the sire of 12 Grand Prix competitors. He also sired such stallions as ALL THE GOLD and GONZO I who now also continues the legend in the open division and puissance under Olympic medalist Franke Sloothaak. His grand sire, the legendary GOTTHARD is still the most successful Hannoverian sire today, with such approved sons as GOLDBERG, GOLD DOLLAR, GRAF GOTTHARD Z, GOLDFINGER, GOTTSCHALK, GOTTLOB, GERONIMO, GOLDCUP, GOLDAN, GOYA, GAJUS, GOLDPILZ, GOLDSTERN, GREENHORN, GOTTWALT, GOLDSTIEN, GOTTWARD, GARDESTERN I and I, GARDEHUSAR, GARDEKURASSIER, GARDEULAN I and II, GARDEOFFIZIER, GOTHA, GOLDEN MILLER, GODENHARD, GENIUS, GENEVER, GIN TONIC, GOLD FERDL, GOLDLÖWE, GOLDSCHLAGER Z, GOTTRAM and GEPARD. He also produced some outstanding sport horses like GOLDIKA ridden by Gerd Wiltfang, GONZALES 3 ridden by Lutz Merklel, GALIPOLIS ridden by Gerd Wiltfang, GONZALES 18 ridden by Georg Ahlmann, QUEENSWAY BIG Q Harvey Smith, GOLDFINK ridden by Gary Gillespie, GOLDEN GATE ridden by Otto Becker, GRAF SIENO ridden by Ulrich Meyer, GENIUS and GOYA both ridden by Fritz Ligges, GIRL ridden by Bernd Kuwertz and GERRY ridden by Jürgen Ernst to just name a few. The GOTTHARD line was prevalent in 17 horses at the 1996, Atlanta Olympics. On his dam's side, GIGOLO goes back to ADLERFARN I, the sire of ANSWER, a World Cup winner, ridden by Hugo Simon, and also the legendary FERDINAND, who has sired more than 600 show horses which have won over 1,000,000.00 DM to date - the lion's share in jumping. This line can be traced to the World Cup show jumper WALZERKOENIG ridden by Frank Sloothaak. FERDINAND sired international competition and Olympic team horses like FERDL, a gold medal winner for Alwin Schockemoele and MEHMED a gold medal winner for Reiner Klimke. But his sons founded an important and still extremely prolific sire line. Best known is probably WENDEKREIS, followed closely by WEDEKIND and WINNETOU. This line is remarkable as the jumping abilities continue through each generation.
Her dam REGINA is by the stallion RIO GRANDE who was ridden by Eric Lamanze and has made a great impact on breeding in Canada. He goes back to the stallion RAMIRO Z, one of the most successful jumping horses on the international scene, when ridden by Fritz Ligges. His progeny include DONAU ridden by Thomas Fruehmann, RAMIRO'S GIRL and RODNEY ridden by Fritz Ligges, also RATINA Z ridden by L. Beerbaum and VISA RINNETOU Z ridden by Piet Raymakers for Holland. Also on her dam's side the very popular PICARD, PIK KÖNIG, PIK AS, this line has produced some excellent dressage horses.
GRITTIBENZ is the full sister to GYSSMO.

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