StallionColor:Dark BayBreed:Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Birthdate:5/16/2014Height:16. hhLife Nr:451516092414

American Warmblood
Barrabadeen FortuneTalisman I
Chris TinaFranat
Pam XX
Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Corrido de ChatillonCoeur de Nuit
Octavie III

TITAN is an outstanding colt.

His sire TANGO is a heavier old type Holsteiner.
His sire TALISMAN I embodied the performance type Holsteiner. He had a lot of presence and had impressive athletic gaits. His offspring were both elegant and athletic, built for performance. TALISMAN I was ranked third in the Holsteiner licensing of his selection year.
CHRIS TINA’S sire FRANAT is an old time Monarch of the Holsteier breeding. He himself has competed in the upper level in dressage, in the USA. FRANAT'S sire FALSLOT is also the sire of Harvey Smith's mount SANYO TECHNOLOGY and also the stallion FLAMINGO now standing in Denmark. FALSLOT'S sire FARNESE is one of the corner stones of the old Holsteiner breeding. He has produced such horses as AMIGO ridden by Ted Edgar. Also in his sire's pedigree we find the one and only LADYKILLER XX, the most important stallion in the development of the Holstein, Dutch and Danish Warmbloods. LADYKILLER XX was imported from England and stood at stud from 1965 to 1979. He sired such stallions as LANDGRAG, LOCARNO (Denmark), LAREDO (USA), LORD who ranks ninth successful stallion in Germany also sired the great LIVIUS, and LADALCO, an International eventer and bronze medal winner at the world championship in Lexington, he sired the British stallion LENARD. LADYKILLER XX also sired LANDGRÄFIN the International show jumper who holds the Austrian high jump record with Hugo Simon and Eddie Macken's mount BOY, who was second in the Hamburg Jumping Derby in 1976 among other successes. All together LADYKILLER XX sired twenty-three approved stallions, there are only a handful of word famous sire lines and LADYKILLER XX is one of them.

His dam CALISTA is a beautiful mare, with tons of heart. She is a fill sister to CASHMERE
Her sire CORRIDO de CHATILLON is an impressive stallion with an impeccable temperament, he was approved in Avenches, Switzerland as a 3 year old. As a 4 year old CORRIDO de CHATILLON qualified for the jumping finals, as a 5 year old he qualified for the eventing finals and as a 6 year old CORRIDO de CHATILLON placed in the jumping promotional finals. After an early jumping carrier CORRIDO de CHATILLON became a well recognized name as the dressage horse, he has countless winnings and placing's and also qualified for the dressage super promotion in Avenches.
CORRIDO de CHATILLON’s sire, COEUR de NUIT is by the famous stallion Calypso I, who sired 20 approved stallions. His progeny are both international dressage horses like COMMODORE, CAMPARI and show jumpers like CABINETT, CALANDO. His sire COR DE LA BRYÈRE is one of the most important stallions in modern show jumping pedigrees today.
CORRIDO de CHATILLONs offspring are outstanding athletes with exceptional temperaments. Her dam FEUERSCHEIN is a very friendly, easygoing mare with powerful movement. She has been shown in dressage, and has always gotten high 60's to mid 70% in 2005. This mare simply loves to perform!
Her sire FEUEROPAL is a legend in the making. This stallion is a spectacular athlete with numerous winnings and placing in the high preliminary level jumping competitions in Germany. FEUEROPAL'S sire, WERTHER, is a son of the famous WENDEKREIS who has sired such stallions as WAGNER, WENDELIN, WENDENBURG, WENDLAND II, WENDULAN and WILDFANG.

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