GeldingColor:Dark BayBreed:Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Birthdate:4/14/2014Height:16. hhLife Nr:451516002714 MICROCHIP 151939521A

Dutch Warmblood
VoltaireFurioso II
Gogo Möve
VetrichtaAbgar XX
Dreialei (Dixie 6)
Der RadetzkyDerby
AkeleiAdlerfarn I
Die Loewin

VENICE is a very attractive colt.

VENICE was awarded Gold Premium, scoring 8.0 total at the "Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International" (RPSI) inspection. Scoring 8.0 for his lovely type, and 8.0 for his flowing movement!

He is a full brother to VICTORIO.

His sire FOREVER is a tremendously talented jumper. He has competed in CSI's in Europe and North America with countless winnings and placing to his credit. In 1996 and 1997 he also competed at CSI-W. His sire VOLTAIRE is an outstanding performer and has produced many amazing stallions, VOLTAIRE is the result of crossing two significant bloodlines, FURIOSO II and GOTTHARD. As a Grand Prix jumper, VOLTAIRE has proven himself in International Show Jumping in Calgary, Stockholm and Wembly. In 1989 he won the Grand Prix of Berlin, this made him a legend in his own time. He also had the most offspring's at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, he also sired such horses as ALTAIR ridden by Beth Underhill and PLAY IT AGAIN ridden by Ian Miller and the horse of the Year FINESSE ridden by Emile Hendrix. VOLTAIRE is the 3rd leading sire of show jumpers in Holland and 4th leading sire in the World. He has sired such stallions in Holland as OLYMPIC CONCORD, DAMOCLES, EQUADOR, FARMER and GERSWIN, along with the stallions ELECTRO in Sweden and FIREVER in Belgium just to name a few. VOLTAIRE has also sired such performance horses as, HALLO HALLO, FANTAST, DANTE, VIVALDI, ESPECIAL, ELECTRA, ETAIRE, DON and CONCORED they are already highly placed, and making a name for themselves in International Show Jumping. On his dams' side, FOREVER goes back to the stallion ABGAR XX a French Thoroughbred stallion that produced a large number of show jumpers. His best known son's are PELE, TREFFER (Olympic show jumper) PION the stallion who produced such dressage stallions as AKTION and DEMOCRAAT, and of course the stallion OMMEN an outstanding show jumper who also competed at the 1986 world cup finals. Also in FOREVER's pedigree we find one of the best Thoroughbreds in the Warmblood breeding, the stallion LUCKY BOY XX. He produced a huge number of leading approved sires, which included NATUREL, CANDYBOY, DERRICK, NOOITGEDACHT, DUTCH BOY, CASANOVA, OBRECHT, A LUCKY ONE, OMEGA, (the sire of BELMONDO, OCTROOI) BEAUJOLAIS and COLUMBUS. At the Los Angeles Olympics there were three sons of LUCKY BOY, and his show jumpers include CALYPSO, VAN GOGH and THE VICTOR.

His dam DREIALEI (DIXIE 6) is a very impressive mare. Her sire DER RADETZKY goes back to a corner stone of the Hannoverian breeding, the stallion DUELLANT he produced 33 approved sons, like DAVOS, DERBY, DEZEMBER, DISKUS, DOERFLER, DOKTOR, DON JUAN, DRAGONER, DRUSUS, DUALIS, DUCKER, DUDEN I-II, DUELL, DUELL I-II, DUELLFUREST, DUELLGRAF, DUENKEL, DUFT I-III, DULDSAM, DUO, DURBAN, DUX, DUKAT. Another familiar name in her pedigree is the stallion RAMSES, he produced stallions like RAMANO, RAUBRITTER, RHENUS, RAIMOND, RODERICH, RIGOLETTO, ROEMISCHER PRINZ, RASPUTIN, ROMAN, RAMON and of coarse RADETZKY. RAMSES also produced such international sport horses as RETINA ridden by Fritz Thiedemann, ROMANUS ridden by Hans-Günther Winkler und RAMONA ridden by Alwin Schockemöhle
On her dams side is the sire ADLERFARN I he was one of the first refinement stallions to stand at stud in Celle. ADLERFARN I sired many outstanding competition horses such as ANSWER, a world cup winner ridden by Hugo Simon. Also on DREIALEI's dams side we find the famous Thoroughbred stallion DER LÖWE, he produced such sons as JELUM, LABRADOR, LEU, LINDBERG, LION, LÖWENSOHN, LÖWENSTEIN, LOHMANN, LUXUS and the brothers LUGANO I and II. DER LÖWE also produced some outstanding sport horses like the dressage horses, LIOSTRO 2 ridden by Karin Schlüter, LÖWENHERZ 7 ridden by Dr. Erika Schwarzkopf, LANTHAN ridden by Carola Lampe, LADY LOU 2 ridden by Holger and Inge Schmezer, LEOPARDIN 2 ridden by Hans-Jürgen Armbrust, LUCKY BOY 4 ridden by Marjolyn Greeve from The Netherlands, LEOPARDI ridden by John Whinnet. In jumping Hartwig Steenke had numerous successes on DER LORD 2 and LORIOT 17, in eventing DER LÖWE was represented by LÖWENSTERN ridden by Nils Haagensen. Also on her sires side the stallion POET XX who sired the stallion MARCO POLO, a highly prized stallion in the Netherlands. On her mothers side of course the stallion DUFT I a high money earner in terms of competition winning progeny and sire of the graded stallions DIPLOMAT and DUKTUS. He is also the sire of DAGMA. Farther more on her dams side the very distinguished EISENHERZ I the sire of such horses as EIGER I, out of this line come such stallions as ESPRI and ESCUDO I.

Venice is for sale

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