GeldingColor:BayBreed:Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Birthdate:3/4/2014Height:16. hhLife Nr:451516002014 MICROCHIP 151948632A

Corrido de Chatillon
Swiss Warmblood
Coeur de NuitCalypso I
Night Lady
Octavie IIIFair Play III
Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Alexis ZAlme Z
Elsa BLandgraf I
Volo II

CASTRO is a very handsome colt.

CASTRO was awarded Gold Premium, scoring 8 total at the "Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International" (RPSI) inspection. Scoring 8 for his lovely type, and 8 for his flowing movement!

His sire CORRIDO de CHATILLON is an impressive stallion with an impeccable temperament, he was approved in Avenches, Switzerland as a 3 year old. As a 4 year old CORRIDO de CHATILLON qualified for the jumping finals, as a 5 year old he qualified for the eventing finals and as a 6 year old CORRIDO de CHATILLON placed in the jumping promotional finals. After an early jumping carrier CORRIDO de CHATILLON became a well recognized name as the dressage horse, he has countless winnings and placing's and also qualified for the dressage super promotion in Avenches.
CORRIDO de CHATILLON’s sire, COEUR de NUIT is by the famous stallion Calypso I, who sired 20 approved stallions. His progeny are both international dressage horses like COMMODORE, CAMPARI and show jumpers like CABINETT, CALANDO. His sire COR DE LA BRYÈRE is one of the most important stallions in modern show jumping pedigrees today. He is also the sire of the international dressage horse CORLANDUS (Gold Medal - Seoul) and other top level dressage horses. He is the sire of 83 graded stallions including CALANDO I to V, CALETTO I to III, CALVADOS I and II, CALYPSO I to V, CORRADO I and II, CORTINO I and II, COME BACK I and II, CORTEZ I and II, CARDINAL, CARACAS, CONSTANT, CONVENT, CANSAS, CANTARES, CASSONE, CANNONBALL, CAPRICCIO, CORVADO, CINZANO, CORDS BOY VZ, CORDALME Z, CADENCE Z, CORDEUR, CHAIRMAN, CICERO, CORIALL, CARNEVAL, CASTOR, COUNTDOWN, COR DE BRILLANT, COR D' ALME Z, CAPITAL, CARTE D' OR, CARUSO, CABARET, CALIMBO, CASH, CASANOVA, CHACO, CHANTRE, CHIRON Z, MR. COX, CINZANO, CONCORDE, COR DE ANGELO J, COR DOR, COREA, CORLAND, CORVINIUS, COSINUS B. He also produced such performance horses as the International show jumpers CALANDO, CALETTO, CHANEL, CHICA, CONTRAST and COLLANDUS, European champion - 1987 and silver Medalist, Olympic Games, Seoul, 1988. Without any doubt, COR DE LA BRYÈRE deserves the title of foundation sire! Also in his sire’s side the legendary stallion LADYKILLER XX. He stood at stud from 1965 to 1979 and is still one of the most sought after names in pedigrees of both breeding and competition horses. LADYKILLER XX sired 36 approved stallions and one of them LANDGRAF I, he was the leading West German sire with the highest progeny earnings in competition. Also the stallion LORD who needs no introduction and LAGOS, LORENZ who also stood in Holland where he was very influential, LEANDER the champion stallion in 1973 and LIDO to just name a few. His dam OCTAVIA III is by Fair Play III who was Champion of the 4 year olds, 3rd in the five year olds, and 20th in the six-year-old championship. He died of tetanus at the age of nine but not before he produced a number of exceptional competitors: Lude du Chatelier ridden by Hervé Godignon, Larry II full brother to Narcos II with Patrick Caron (before being sold to Italy), Lolilfant, Marly du Mesnil and Narcotique.
CORRIDO de CHATILLONs offspring are outstanding athletes with exceptional temperaments.

His dam ALEXIS is an outstanding mare - with a fantastic pedigree. Her sire ALEXIS Z is recognized by the Zangersheide, Westfalen, Hannoverian, Holsteiner, Swiss, Italian, French and Suddeutsche Zuchtverbande studbooks and is a sire of ten approved sons, including World Cup and Grand Prix winner AMARETTO D I; Allez France D, winner of 60 Grade A; Alpha D, top sire and Rhineland-Pfalz master; Apricot D II, winner of the stallion approvals; Barcelona Olympics Silver Medalist Apricot D; and Amaretto D II himself, Grand Prix winner and World Cup Competitor. Alexis Z was ranked in the top twenty sires of show jumpers in the world for 1990-1997. Alexis Z is by Almé Z, one of the leading sires in the world, an international grand prix winner and son of the French stallion Ibrahim. This line has produced the Grand Prix winner and top sire Galoubet, World Cup winner I Love You, and Seoul Olympics competitor Jalisco, himself the sire of world champion Quito de Baussy, Grand Prix stallion Olisco, and Atlanta Olympics Individual Silver Medalist Rochet M. The dam of Alexis Z is Wonne, a grand prix winner and a daughter of Weingau, a known producer of show jumpers. The golden bay Anglo-Norman stallion Almé Z is a phenomenon. Without ever having stood at stud in Germany, the 1966 French born Ibrahim son influenced almost all the German warmblood breeds from the Belgian model studfarm of Zangersheide. Before he went to stud in Belgium, he had already performed covering duty at his French home and left inter alia the approved sons Galoubet, I love you and Jalisco, all of whom have played a role in international showjumping. Almé Z was himself a successful international showjumper with Francois Mathy and Johan Heins and transmitted his gift for jumping lavishly to his progeny. The overwhelming number of Zangersheide products carried the Hanoverian brand. However despite the fact that two of the three Almé Z sons standing in Holstein had Hanoverian dams, the Holstein Association, which otherwise looks askance at any form of extraneous blood, did not hesitate to avail themselves of the Almé Z blood. Ahorn Z who was bred out of the famous Holstein mare Heureka, as well as the stallion Aloubé Z and Athlet Z deriving from Gotthard broodmares managed to make their imprint in the Holstein breed and to found their own stallion lines. The chestnut stallion Alexis Z exerted an enormous influence on horse breeding in the South West of Germany or more precisely, on Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar. Initially only used to cover the private herd of mares of the Drachenhof stud, the popularity of this stallion has meanwhile spead to the whole of Germany. Alexis Z likewise received special treatment by the Northern German breeding associations who gave the green light for his utilisation. His progeny can be found in Holstein as well as in Hanover. Alexis Z is out of the Hanoverian mare Wonne who was a successful international competition horse under Peter Schmitz. While the Almé Z sons were on their march of victory through equestrian Germany the, French breeders did not remain inactive and made use of the outstanding Almé Z sons in their breeding programmes. Galoubet, who himself was highly successful with Gilles Bertrand de Ballanda (trademark: vehement lashing out) became sire of the small but nevertheless great stallion Quickstart, who with Meredith Michaels (now Beerbaum) won Grand Prix’s more or less in series and covered in Oldenburg. The Galoubet grandson Quattro B (via Qredo de Paulstra), who apart from outstanding breeding achievements also enjoyed successes on the course with Gilbert Böckmann is also performaing stud duty in Oldenburg. Of late Holstein is also utilising Almé Z blood again via Quidam de Revel, in order to place this line on a broader basis. Where there is a lot of light, there is obviously also shade. A considerable number of the strong performers of Almé Z approved sons and grandsons were troubled just like their sire resp. Grandsire, by scrotal hernia, which means that following a colic, many had a testicle removed. Still, Almé Z was one of the most significant sires of the twentieth century and most certainly the first who deserves the title of “Euro-stallion”.

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