La Rina
MareColor:ChestnutBreed:Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Birthdate:6/1/2011Height:16. hhLife Nr:45-15160110-11

Le Comte II
LeanderLadykiller XX
ToscanaCor de la Bryère
W. Sonja
American Warmblood
Luna XI

LA RINA is a beautiful mare, with outstanding conformation!

LA RINA was awarded Gold Premium at the "Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International" (RPSI) inspection, scoring 7.4 for type, an amazing 8.6 for her superb movement! Finishing with a great total score of 8.

Her sire LE COMTE II has proven himself in the breeding shed as well as in the show ring, competing at open jumper and up to Prix St. George in dressage. He is the full brother to the also approved stallion LE COMTE I who stands in Germany.
On his sires side he comes from the champion Holsteiner stallion LEANDER, who is best known for his presence and exceptional movement. LEANDER sired some superb sport horses like the champion dressage horse LIDQ 54. He also produced some excellent stallions like LEGATO, LAGANO (now breeding in Denmark), in Hessen, the champion stallion of 1982, LEANDERS's BOY (now in Switzerland) and LEANCON. With the mare TOSCANA he produced two approved sons LE COMTE I and LE COMTE II. Also in LE COMTE II's pedigree we find the legendary stallion LADYKILLER XX. He stood at stud from 1965 to 1979 and is still one of the most sought after names in pedigrees of both breeding and competition horses. LADYKILLER XX sired 23 approved stallions and one of them LANDGRAF I, he was the leading West German sire with the highest progeny earnings in competition. Also the stallion LORD who needs no introduction and LAGOS, LORENZ who also stood in Holland where he was very influential, LEANDER the champion stallion in 1973 and LIDO to just name a few. On his mothers side is the "stempelhengst" COR DE LA BRYERE one of the most popular stallions ever. He produced such top level competition horses as CONTRAST ridden by Herbert Blöcker at the three day event World Championships in 1982, the International show jumper COSTA ridden by Michael Rüping and the leading Grand Prix dressage horse CORLANDUS ridden by Margit Otto Crepin for France. COR DE LA BRYERE produced 41 approved sons like CALANDO I to V, CALETTO I to III, CALVADOS I and II, CALYPSO I to V, CORRADO I to II, CORTINO I and II, COME BACK I and II, CORTEZ I and II, CARDINAL, CARACAS, CONSTANT, CONVENT, CANSAS, CANTARES, CASSONE, CANNONBALL, CAPRICCIO, CORVADO, CINZANO, CORDES, BOY VZ, CORDALME Z, CADENCE Z, CORDEUR, CHAIRMEN, CICERO, CORIALL, CARNEVAL, CASTOR, COUNTDOWN, COR DE BRILLANT, COR D' ALME Z, CAPITAL, CARTE D' OR, CARUSO, CABARET, CALIMBO, CASH, CASANOVA, CASANOVA, CHACO, CHANTRE, CHIRON Z, MR. COX, CINZANO, CONCORDE, COR DE ANGELO J, COR DOR, COREA, CORLAND, CORVINUIS, COSINUS B.

Her dam FARINA is a very well put together mare, she is very correct and athletic. Her sire FEUEROPAL is a legend in the making. This stallion is a spectacular athlete with numerous winnings and placing in the high preliminary level jumping competitions in Germany. FEUEROPAL's sire, WERTHER, is a son of the famous WENDEKREIS who has sired such stallions as WAGNER, WENDELIN, WENDENBURG, WENDLAND II, WENDULAN and WILDFANG. Also in his pedigree is the stallion MARCIO XX, most noted for producing ride ability. On his mother's side he goes back to one of the greatest Trakehner stallions that ever lived, IMPULS. This horse has 16 approved sons and produced such horses as DAHLWITZ who was ridden by Edith Master of the USA Olympic Team in Montreal in 1976. Also on his mother's side is WINNETOU, a son of FERDINAND, who sired horses like WIDUKIND, international show jumper, ridden by Eric Wauters of Belgium, FERDL, team jumping gold medalist at the 1960 Olympics, ridden by Alvin Schockemoehle, MEHMED, gold medalist 1976 Olympics, ridden by Dr. Reimer Klimke, and FLIPPER, an International show jumper ridden by Hugo Simon. Her dam DAMURA is a very smart and careful Warmblood mare. She has been shown by Christian Waefler, a Bereiter from Switzerland, in the trillium jumper division in 1998. He commented that this is one of the most talented mares he has ever had the pleasure to ride. Her sire {DAMIAN} was himself an International competitor, 1979, Silver Medal, Championship of Poland; 1980, Silver Medal; 1981 Gold Medal; 1982 Silver Medal; 1983 Gold Medal, 1984 Silver Medal. Internationally he competed successfully in CDI and CDIO classes in Gera, West Berlin, Donaueschingen, Aachen, Moscow, Kijev, Ksiaz, Plovdiv, Koposvar, and Kronberg. In 1988, he was a member of the Ontario Young Riders Silver Medal Team. On her mother's side we find the re-nound stallion HUMBOLDT who produced the stallion IMPULS.

La Rina's Photos

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