MareColor:Dark BayBreed:Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Birthdate:3/30/2011Height:16.2 hhLife Nr:45-15160116-11

Laiken Schiwago
Bona Dey

ELINKA is a gorgeous mare.

She is a full sister to ELORON.

ELINKA was awarded Silver Premium, scoring 7.1 total, with 7 for movement & 7.2 for type at the "Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International" (RPSI) inspection.

Her sire ELAZAR is an elegant stallion with superb movement. He has had solid dressage training with such notable trainers as Carol Laval. Later, he competed in show jumping up to preliminary level. ELAZAR is a beautiful hunter type stallion, his full brother ELSTAR sold for US$450'000 in 1999 to Kelly Klein the wife of Calvin Klein. ELSTAR is doing very well in the adult amateur hunter division in Florida. His sire LAIKEN is a very popular dressage stallion in the USA, he has shown up to Intermediaire I. LAIKEN also sired the mare EBONY who was the all breed champion Adult Amateur, and she also competed up to Intermediaire I. He also sired the mare MARGO, who in 1993 won the International Jumping Derby. This line goes back to the stallion TANNENBERG by STERNDEUTER, a sire of twelve graded stallions, including the West German stallion-grading champion SCHIWAGO. He was imported to the USA in 1975 and was the leading sire of the ATA registered stock in the 1980s. Also on ELAZAR's sires side is the stallion HUMBOLDT, who's most famous son is the well known stallion IMPULS who produced 16 approved sons and two Olympic horses: IMANUEL 1972 in München competing for East Germany and DAHLWITZ 1979 in Montreal competing for the USA. On ELAZAR's mothers side he goes back to the stallion MAHON by MAHAGONI. MAHON was approved at Neumünster in 1980, then performance tested at Adelheidsdorf in 1981 where he finished 3rd out of 61 stallions. The Hannoverian Verband also approved him as an improvement sire. In Germany he stood for Hubertus Poll until September of 1983 when he was imported to the USA. He produced such stallions as KUPFERBERG GOLD (NED), POUR LE MERITE (FRG), GIDEON, HORIZON, VOLLDAMPF and the now gelded HARPER all in the USA. His sire MAHAGONI also produced some outstanding stallions like ENRICO CARUSO now also in the USA were he has produced such stallions as INCANTARE, INSTERFÜRST and LARRAI. In Germany, he sired the stallions HEINRICH DER LÖWE, KLABAUTERMANN, KLAVIGO, KOSTOLANZ and TROCADERO. Notable on ELAZAR's mother's side is the mare MARUSSJA by the stallion HABICHT who was one of the best Trakehner Eventing stallions of his time. Also on his mother's side we find the Celle - based stallion HESSENSTEIN, several breed associations including the Hannoverian Verband and the Holsteiner Verband approved this stallion.

Her dam BONA DEY is a very impressive mare with excellent movement and jumping ability, a unique blend of Holsteiner and Swedish blood.
Her sire CIMARRON goes back to the one and only COR DE LA BRYERE, who produced such stallions as CALANDO I, II, IV; CALETTO I, II; CALVADOS I, II; CALYPSO I, II, III; CANTARES, CARNEVAL, CARTE D'OR, CASANOVA, CAVALIER ROYALE, CINZANO, CONSTANT, CONTACT, CORRADO I, CORTEZ 679, COSINUS. There are also 12 grandsons of COR DE LA BRYERE in the standings, not to mention important stallions like CATHAGO Z and BURGGRAAF, who are out of COR DE LA BRYERE mares. His son CALYPSO II has also produced a number of outstanding sons, such as the stallions: CADIZ, CALIMERO, CARBID, CARDANO, CARIBIK, CARIBO GL, CARIBU, CARISMO, CHAMP OF CLASS, CHASSEUR I and II, CHEVALIERO, CHIN CHIN, CLASSIKERl, COLOMBO, COLANI, COMPLIMENT, CONFIDENT, CONTENDER, CORDINO, CORIOLAN, COLANDO, CORSO, CRAZY CLASSICl, CRAZY COCKTAIL, CRISTOBEL, CYRELL. CALYPSO II also produced a number of international performers including CALYNO, CHIN CHIN, CHEYENNE, CRAZY COCKTAIL, MONTEMORELOS LA SILLA, CARAS J, DOBEL’s CARA MIA, ASIEN, CARTIER S, CAPELLA 3, CHAMP OF CLASS and ZARINA DE SAN PATRIGNANO. All CALYPSO II progeny show not only great jumping form, but also a wonderful rideability. He produced winners of one and a half million deutschmarks, with 557 competitors. On the basis of the Hanoverian mare tests, CALYPSO II achieves a dressage ranking of 131, and a jumping ranking of 167. His breeding index on the basis of his competition horses is 132 for dressage and 150 for jumping. Also in her pedigree, the stallion LADYKILLER XX,with his 36 approved sons LANDGRAF I, LANDGRAF II, LORD, LIOSTRO, LIDO, LARGOS, LATINO, LADALCO, LANDSKNECHT I, LANDSKNECHT II, LANDSTURM, LAERTES, LANCELOT, LAMBERT I, LAMBERT II, LEXIUS, LANDRAT, LANDVOGT, LIVORNO, LEPANTO, LOARNO, LAMOUR, LANDO, LEOPARD, LEPORELLO, LORENZ, LEANDER, LARGO (Heidelberg), LANDMANN, LASSO, LATUS, LAREDO, LUCKY KID, LAERTES, LANDHERR, LABRADOR.
On her mothers side BONA DEY goes back to such stallions as the Swedish stallion ERNO and the Trakehner stallion POLARSTERN. ERNO’s most famous son UTRILLO 432 is also recognized as one of the top Swedish producing breeding lines in the world (SWB). He had two horses competing in 2000 Olympics. POLARSTERN was heavily used after the war, he was known for butting substance and bone on his offspring. POLARSTERN can still be found in the pedigrees of the best Trakehner stallions today.

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