BroodMareColor:GrayBreed:Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Birthdate:6/10/2010Height:16.2 hhLife Nr:45-15160126-10

Cyrano Z
Catango ZCantus
Cerise ZCalando I
La Bonita
LandadelLandgraf I
PindlaPik Bube II

ZANITA is a absoutely magnificent!

She was awarded Gold Premium at the "Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International" (RPSI) inspection. Scoring an impressive total score of 8, an astonishing 8.2 for her brilliant type and 7.8 for her movement!

Her sire CYRANO Z was a very accomplished show jumper himself.
CYRANO Z’s sire CATANGO Z is a stallion with a fantastic pedigree. His background includes many celebrities, such as CANTUS, HEUREKA Z, CAPITOL I, CALYPSO I, CALETTO II, ALME Z and LADYKILLER XX. His grand-sire CANTUS is known as one of the best breeding stallions for jumping horses. CANTUS left many top-class jumpers behind, including CALVARO V from Willi Melliger (Switzerland), who always finished in the best four in the last four championships. Also the mare line of CATANGO Z, lineage 7126 in Holstein, has produced many great names: FRA DIAVOLO, ACORD I and II, BURGGRAAF, FREEMANN and many more. CATANGO Z's dam ZITA is a daughter of the HEUREKA Z son AHORN Z, bred at Zangersheide at the time. ZITA is the sister to the stallions ACOBAT I and II by ATHLET Z. They all come from the CAPITOL I daughter TSCHITA, who is a daughter of ORUNA by CALIYPSO I, this mare caused a sensation in the International jumping sport under the name of GRAFIN. She is a full sister to the stallion CHICAGO and the mare RIBECKA. CYRANO Z’s dam CERISE Z is sired by CALANDO I, who was sold into show jumping after a three year covering stint and became a real hit. He became German Champion in 1984 under Karsten Huck and in the very same year managed to get placing’s in Rome, Dublin and the Calgary Grand Prix'. Thereafter, under E H Cupper of Belgium, he achieved countless further international successes. CALANDO I’s sire needs no introduction; he is the cornerstone of sport horse breeding COR DE LA BRYÈRE is the stallion that revolutionized jumping horse breeding. COR DE LA BRYÈRE quickly made a strong impression upon arrival to Germany by becoming the 1971 Champion of the 100 day stallion performance test. In his first season at stud, COR DE LA BRYÈRE covered 70 mares with four colts from this first crop becoming licensed stallions. He was a stallion of great vigor and, even as late as 1977, still served a full book of 111 mares. Renowned for his amazing jumping bascule and "cat-like" elasticity, combined with a marvelous temperament and beautiful canter, COR DE LA BRYÈRE soon became the ideal refining stallion to cross with the larger framed mares to produce more modern equine athletes that combined the German Warmblood power and substance with the Selle Francais lightness and athleticism to achieve some outstanding performers. Famous names hailing from the stallion COR DE LA BRYÈRE who had 85 approved sons such as CALANDO I, (who is also the sire of one of our broodmares CALANDA) to V, CALETTO I to III, CALVADOS I and II, CALYPSO I to V, CORRADO I and II, CORTINO I and II, COME BACK I and II, CORTEZ I and II, CARDINAL, CARACAS, CONSTANT, CONVENT, CANSAS, CANTARES, CASSONE, CANNONBALL, CAPRICCIO, CORVADO, CINZANO, CORDS BOY VZ, CORDALME Z, CADENCE Z, CORDEUR, CHAIRMAN, CICERO, CORIALL, CARNEVAL, CASTOR, COUNTDOWN, COR DE BRILLANT, COR D' ALME Z, CAPITAL, CARTE D' OR, CARUSO, CABARET, CALIMBO, CASH, CASANOVA, CHACO, CHANTRE, CHIRON Z, MR. COX, CINZANO, CONCORDE, COR DE ANGELO J, COR DOR, COREA, CORLAND, CORVINIUS, COSINUS B and many more. He also produced such performance horses as the International show jumpers CALANDO, CALETTO, CHANEL, CHICA, CONTRAST and COLLANDUS, European champion - 1987 and silver Medalist, Olympic Games, Seoul, 1988. Also in CYRANO Z’s dam’s pedigree is the legendary stallion CAPITANO, the foundation sire of the Holsteiner CAPITOL line which has produced numerous Olympic and International show jumpers. CAPITANO passes on his signature jumping style seen in his offspring below. CAPITAN’s fraternal brother CAPITOL is the sire of Olympic show jumpers DOBEL’ CENTO –gold medalist, GITANIA, VDL CARDENTO. CARTHAGO. Famous offspring include CASSINI I who was a successful showjumping competitor with Denmark’s Bo Kristoffersen - as a nine-year-old Cassini I was part of the Danish Nations Cup team in Helsiniki, and participated in the European Championship in Mannheim. Franke Sloothaak took over the ride, and again achieved success in World Cup qualifiers and Nations Cups. Also CASSINI II, CAROLUS, INDOCTRO, and 40+ approved sons and grandsons in every studbook. HEILBUTT is the grand dam sire of CAPITOL, CAPITANO is the dam sire of CASSINI I who is the most sought after Holsteiner sire in the world, his son CUMANO was the hero of the 2006 WEG – the giant grey Holsteiner that not only carried his rider, Jos Lansink to a world title, but also gave the other three riders in the jumpoff, all of them ladies, a lovely ride each time.

ZANITA'S dam LA BONITA has a distinguished career under Lisa Jacquin in the jumper ring behind her. After returing from Belgium in 2004 she was retired sound as a broodmare. Her sire LANDADEL is a a son of the famous LANDGRAF I who is a legend, not only in the Holsteiner breeding, but world wide, he has produced 45 approved sons and such sport horses like LANDVOGT, LAVENDEL, LANCIANO, LANDWIND, LOVELY BOY, LASALL, LAUSBUB, LACROSS, LANDLORD, LUCKY LUKE, LANDEGA, and LIBERO H, with over 25 international jumping wins to his credit and 10 Grand Prix and World Cup wins. In 1990 and 1991 also under his rider Jos Lansing he was champion stallion in Holland, also in 1991 LIBERO H was European champion in La Baule. LIBERO H is the full brother to another stallion standing at EWSZ inc. LIBERO. LANDGRAF I's sire is the very popular stallion LADYKILLER XX; this stallion produced 36 approved sons. Also on her sires side another legiant in the Holsteiner breeding FARNESE, one of the corner stones of the old Holsteiner breeding. He has product such horses as AMIGO ridden by Ted Edgar. Her dam PINDLA is by the Celle-owend stallion PIK BUBE II who produced some outstanding performance horses, both for jumping as well as dressage. PASCHA, (Grand Prix Dressage winner) PENTAGON, PERDITA, PIK PRIMAIRE, ( Grand Prix Dressage winner), PIK ROYAL, PIK FLEUR, PIK LADY 5, PIKORA and PROMENTHEUS to just name a few. PIK BUBE II also produced some phenominal stallions, like PAQUIRRI, PIANIST, PIASTER, PIERROT LE FOU, PIK BOY, PIK FEIN, PIK KAISER, PIK RAMIRO, PIK ROYAL, PIK SENIOR, PIK SOLO, PIKFEIN, PINK FLOYD, PLAYBOY, PRINZ CARNEVAL and PRINZ MIRO. Also on her mothers side, another cornerstone of the sport horse breeding DER LÖWE XX, he made his mark in countless registrees all over Europe and beonde. He produced several approved sons, like JELUM, LABRADOR, LEU, LINBERG, LION, LÖWENSOHN, LÖWENSTEIN, LOHNMANN, LUGANO I, LUGANO II and LUXUS.

She has produced: JAVA & JAMBA.

Zanita is in foal and is for sale

Zanita's Photos

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