Tannenfels Stables
Riding Waiver Contract

Equestrian Application Information Card and Waiver

Name: Date of Birth: day mth year
Address: Street City Code
Phone: Home Office Car
Emergency contacts:





Home Office





Home Office
Family Doctor: Name: Phone:
Health Card Number:  
Relevant Medical History:  





Previous Injuries:

Does the Participant carry and know how to administer own medication: yes q no q n/a q
Other Conditions: (braces, contact lenses, etc.  


(Release and Indemnity Agreement)


I, the undersigned participant intending to be legally bound. hereby certify that I am physically fit and have not been otherwise informed by a physician. I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent in equestrian activities (including but not limited to boarding, general riding, lessons, training and competition) including possible permanent disability or death and agree to assume all of those risks. I hereby waive any and all rights to claim for loss or damage arising out of my participation in the equestrian activities at Tannenfels Stables or any activities incidental thereto against the said Tannenfels Stables, the owners of Tannenfels Stables, Ulrich Frei, Evelyn Frei and any individual working at Tannenfels Stables or supervising such activity as a condition of my participation in the equestrian activities at Tannenfels Stables.

In consideration of Tannenfels Stables accepting this application I hereby release and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the owners, employees, instructors and the participants of Tannenfels Stables from all claims, actions, or damages without any limitation whatsoever, whether consisting of personal injury or property damage that may result in any way while attending at Tannenfels Stables whether such injuries/damage are caused by their negligence or not; assuming myself any and all responsibility and liability for same.

I acknowledge and agree that this waiver (release and indemnity agreement) is binding on myself and upon my heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns and I herewith again reaffirm my free and willing intent to exercise it.

I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD ALL OF THE ABOVE. Dated the ______ day of _________________________ 20__.



________________________________                                                              _______________________________________

Signature of Participant                                                                                               Signature of Parent or Guardian,

                                                                                                                                        if participant is a minor child