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Horse Breeding Contract

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The mare owner guarantees that the mare is healthy and in sound breeding condition and also agrees to provide a clean swab, a negative coggins and proof of up to date vaccinations as evidence thereof at the time of arrival at EWSZ Inc. The mare owner guarantees that the mare is halter broke and gentle. Boarding and care of the mare and/or mare and foal at side will be provided by EWSZ Inc. at prevailing rates. EWSZ Inc. is not responsible for illness or injury of the mare and/or mare and foal while in its custody. EWSZ Inc. agrees to provide reasonable and standard care. Absolutely no mare will be accepted without the proper paperwork and the stud fee paid in full.

Live foal guarantee is given for any breeding by live cover. A foal is born alive if it is, standing and nursing for 24 hours. If the mare does not conceive, absorbs, aborts or does not produce a live foal, return privileges are given for the following season. EWSZ Inc. must be notified of this circumstance within 72 hours and a veterinarian certificate must be supplied or the live foal guarantee becomes null and void. Should the specified stallion no longer be available, die or become unfit for service, credit shall be given towards any other stallion standing at EWSZ Inc. of the mare owner’s choice.

No live foal guarantees are given for fresh shipped semen. There will be up to two shipments sent on request by the mare owner’s veterinarian. Frozen semen is sold in portions of two doses per stud fee with no live foal guarantee.

The mare owner agrees to pay for all veterinary care, farrier services, shipping charges, boarding and trailering fees required by the mare and/or mare and foal, before leaving EWSZ Inc.

The booking fee of $200.00 has to be returned with this contract. The balance including GST (if applicable) must be paid before the mare is serviced or any semen is shipped.

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