Tannenfels Stables
Horse Boarding Contract

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In consideration of payment to Tannenfels Stables Inc. by __________ of the monthly charge hereafter set out, Tannenfels Stables agrees with the owner to provide stabling and boarding accommodation, (and consignment sales ______% )  for the Owner's horse _________________________ subject to their terms  and conditions:

  1. The horse and all equipment of the owner situated on the farm shall be at the sole risk of the owner.  Tannenfels Stables Inc. assumes no responsibility for the loss, care or use there of during the currency of this agreement whether or not resulting from the negligence of Tannenfels Stables Inc. or it's employees of agents. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the horse shall be at the sole risk of the owner from accident, illness, injury, death or loss from collapse of the farm buildings, fire, escape or otherwise.

  2. The owner assumes all responsibility for the insuring of the horse, tack and equipment by the owner while the same is located on the farm.

  3. The owner assumes all responsibility for the health of the horse including, without limitation, the accounts of veterinarians or other medical accounts, including all emergency services (see article #5)

  4. The owner agrees to abide by and conform to all rules and regulations relating to the boarding of horses as determined from time to time by Tannenfels Stables Inc.

  5. The owner agrees that if in the sole opinion of a veterinarian retained by Tannenfels Stables Inc., an emergency situation should arise affecting the horse that requires immediate medical or surgical treatment, such treatment may be provided by a veterinarian retained by Tannenfels Stables Inc. at the expense of the owner.  Tannenfels Stables Inc. shall not be held responsible or liable for damages in any manner whatsoever resulting from such treatment.

  6. The shoeing, grooming, exercising and training of the horse shall be the sole responsibility of the owner unless otherwise arranged in writing.

  7. The monthly charge for the boarding of the horse shall be the sum of $300.00 payable to the owner to Tannenfels Stables Inc. monthly in advance on the first of every month without fail. Such charges may be changed by Tannenfels Stables Inc. from time to time during the currency of this agreement upon thirty (30) days prior written notice of such termination. Boarder wishes to use her own bedding material and guarantees to Tannenfels Stables Inc. that she will maintain stalls on a daily basis.  If the owner is unable to maintain stalls, prior to written arrangements must be made with Tannenfels Stables Inc. No storage area will be provided for bedding materials. Owner is responsible for the turnout of her own horses upon request by the owner.  Any breech of payment will result in immediate liquidation of assets to pay outstanding debts owed to Tannenfels Stables Inc.

  8. This agreement and all of the rights of the owner thereunder shall not be assigned by the owner.

  9. This agreement may be terminated by either the owner or Tannenfels Stables Inc. by giving thirty (30) days prior written notice of termination.

  10. The owner acknowledges that Tannenfels Stables Inc. will provide riding lesson - not included in boarding fees. However, the owner shall not be permitted to bring in his/her own instructor under any circumstances. Riding lessons and clinics will be provided by Tannenfels Stables Inc.

  11. Tannenfels Stables Inc. is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 PM only. Boarders are permitted to ride in the stated hours unless otherwise arranged. Boarders are also allowed to ride during lessons providing they do not disturb or interfere with the lesson.

  12. The owner hereby releases and forever discharges Tannenfels Stables Inc., its agents, servants, and employees from any and all legal actions, claims, and demands whatsoever for damages, loss, injury or death howsoever caused or arising, whether by negligence or otherwise, which may hereafter be sustained by the owner or anyone invited to the farm by the owner (herein referred to as the owners' guest) either at or upon the farm or elsewhere or in consequence of his or her activities thereon or therefrom.

  13. The owner is responsible for any damage resulting from his/her horses action while upon the property at R.R. #1 Arva, otherwise known as Tannenfels Stables Inc.

  14. With respect to lands other than the farm, the owner agrees that he/she or the owners' guests will ride upon such lands entirely at his/her own risk and will not hold Tannenfels Stables Inc. or the owner, tenant or occupier of such lands responsible for anything which may happen to the owner, the owners' guests or the horses while they are upon such lands.

  15. Tannenfels Stables Inc. will not be responsible for lawsuits attained out of damage done by horse or owner or owners guests while on lands other than the farm. Payment for said damages will be the responsibility of the owner.

  16. This agreement shall insure to the benefit of and be binding upon Tannenfels Stables Inc. and the owner and their respective heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns.

DATED THIS ______________ DAY OF ___________ 19_____
Tannenfels Stables Inc.

Per: ______________________________

___________________________ (Owner)